My favorite Rich Hickey talks

Rich Hickey always delivers a well presented thoughtful talk. While he is the creator of the Clojure programming language, most of these talks are language neutral, except for “Are We There Yet?”.

Design, Composition and Performance – Who else can use Coltrane and Bartók to talk about engineering software. I really like the analogies he uses in this talk.

Hammock Driven Development – How Rich goes about solving difficult problems. If you only watch one talk this would be my recommendation.

Are We There Yet? – In his keynote at JVM Languages Summit 2009, Rich Hickey advocated for the reexamination of basic principles like state, identity, value, time, types, genericity, complexity, as they are used by OOP today, to be able to create the new constructs and languages to deal with the massive parallelism and concurrency of the future.


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